Achievements and Ideas


Roth IRA

Because of the NCPA idea of Roth IRAs, $265 billion in personal savings has been taxed once and will never be taxed again.

Ideas in Progress

  • Expand Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Create universal Roth IRAs

Health Savings Accounts

Because of the NCPA idea of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), 30 million people are managing some of their own health care dollars.

Ideas in Progress

  • Make premiums for HSAs purchased in the private market tax-deductible
  • Expand HSAs to include more flexibility -- addressing seniors, the poor and people with chronic conditions
  • Encourage innovative entrepreneurial services such as retail clinics, medical tourism, and telemedicine
  • Advocate consumerism, allowing patients to choose how they spend their health care dollars

Ideas in Progress

  • Adoption of a simple, flat-rate tax system
  • Permanent extensions for capital gains, gift and estate tax cuts
  • Change tax law to allow employers to offer employees individually-owned, personal and portable insurance

Automatic 401K Enrollment

Because of the recommendations of an NCPA/Brookings Institute plan, half of all future 401(k) enrollees will be automatically enrolled in a diversified portfolio enjoying higher and safer returns.

Ideas in Progress

  • Make traditional defined benefit plans personal and portable

Social Security Reform

Because of NCPA recommendations for Social Security reform, 78 million Baby Boomers will be able to work beyond age 65 without being penalized by Social Security.

Ideas in Progress

  • Advocate for the elimination of Social Security's long-term debt using personal retirement accounts
  • Responsible long-term spending objectives, including reduction of Social Security and Medicare debts