NCPA Commentaries by Pamela Villarreal

Pamela Villarreal is the NCPA's expert on retirement, Social Security, economic growth and tax issues.

Villarreal has written studies and analyses on specific topics such as the danger of 401(k) borrowing, Social Security disability, the expiration of tax cuts and the future of Social Security and Medicare.

  • Mar 19, 2015

    The Lee-Rubio tax blueprint

    A step toward needed reform

    The Washington Times: The Lee-Rubio tax reform plan would be a great improvement over the current tax system, and a good step towards larger government reform, asserted NCPA President/CEO Allen B. West and Senior Fellow Pam Villarreal in a Washington Times commentary.

  • Feb 10, 2015

    The Failing Legacy of the ‘Great Society’

    The nanny state has taken a toll on black America

    The Washington Times: More can be done to ensure economic opportunity for all Americans, say NCPA President/CEO Allen West and Senior Fellow Pam Villarreal in a Washington Times commentary.

  • Jan 22, 2015

    SOTU Score: Wealth Redistribution 1; Economic Growth 0

    The Federalist President Obama’s version of “middle class economics” was more about paying people’s bills with other people’s money and less about fostering job creation and income growth.

  • Dec 04, 2013

    Big Hike in Minimum Wage Will Be Self-Defeating for Workers

    Investor’s Business Daily: Senior Fellow Pam Villarreal explains why an increase in the minimum wage will hurt the very people it purports to help.

  • Sep 11, 2013

    Villarreal: Missouri, Texas tax burdens even out

    Austin American-Statesman: The NCPA’s new State Tax Calculator compares tax burdens between Texas and Missouri and finds that both states can claim an advantage over the other, writes NCPA Senior Fellow Pam Villarreal.

  • Aug 03, 2013

    Education is key to comfortable retirement

    Austin American Statesman: On average, students who graduate with a college degree earn more money over the span of their lifetime than those who do not, says NCPA Senior Fellow Pamela Villarreal and NCPA Research Associate Lewis Warne.

  • Jul 20, 2012

    Minimum wage myths that keep our teens out of work

    The Hill: Efforts to raise the minimum wage are keeping mostly young people out of work, according to NCPA Senior Fellow Pam Villarreal.

  • Mar 28, 2012

    It's Your Call

    Time to Renew the R&D Tax Credit

    Industry Today: Pamela Villarreal advocates for the extension of the R&D tax credit to keep American companies competitive on the global scale.

  • Oct 11, 2011

    Health care reform could spur small firms to rely more on temps

    Small Business Executive: Pamela Villarreal and Peter Swanson spotlight temporary employment trends in the labor force and the impact of health care reform on jobs.

  • Sep 16, 2010

    Don't Let the R&D Tax Credit Slip Away - R&D Magazine

    NCPA's Pam Villarreal and Michael Barba's commentary on the R&D tax credit is featured on R&D Magazine's newsletter and blog