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About The Kellye Wright Fellowship

Kelley WrightThe Kellye Wright Fellow serves to influence health care reform to create greater knowledge, control and choice in the decisions that affect consumer health.

While navigating her own battle with breast cancer, Kellye saw the challenges of others in similar situations and reached out to them. By her actions, she personally touched the lives of many.

She made a difference before her untimely death and through her parents, Mary Wright and Bob Wright, NCPA Board Member; she will continue to do so by the establishment of this position.

The Fellow's objectives are:

  • To seek to develop a more patient-motivated and user-friendly health care delivery model.
  • To focus on disease prevention and care where the consumer takes a collaborative role with their health care provider in personal health decisions.

The Kellye Wright Fellow will educate members of Congress, the news media and the general public about health care policy initiatives that are important to all Americans, especially the most vulnerable.