Our Blogs

  • Health Policy Blog
    With exclusive content by world-renowned health care economists, this is the premier right-of-center health policy blog on the Internet, where pro-free enterprise ideas are vetted by top analysts and experts across the ideological spectrum. Blog contributors include John R. Graham, Linda Gorman, Greg Scandlen and Devon Herrick.

  • Retirement and Taxes: Reforms that Make "Cents"
    As the NCPA's expert on retirement, taxes and small business, Senior Fellow Pamela Villarreal gives insights into entitlement and retirement issues and delivers reform ideas based on common sense. Topics include Social Security, Medicare, Roth IRAs, and 401(k) borrowing.

  • Education Reform: Restoring Choice and Control for Americans
    NCPA’s Education Reform Blog gives updates and in depth analysis on current education issues and legislation around the nation. The blog will explore school system reform, school choice issues and reasons for persistent low performance of students in public schools. Senior Fellow John Merrifield will lead this new project.

  • National Security Blog
    Co-authored by Senior Fellow Dr. David Grantham and NCPA Executive Director and Lt. Col. (Ret.) Allen West, the NCPA National Security Blog is the place for exclusive analysis and expert insights on the issues that impact our country’s security, defense and veteran’s needs. Come read well-researched solutions from two leading figures in national security, along with posts from other top national analysts.