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Daily Policy Digest

Our most popular newsletter, Daily Policy Digest covers all that's new in the world of ideas. We know your time is valuable, so we find and summarize the most topical public policy issues from today's newspapers, scholarly journals and think tanks and deliver them to your Inbox each business day, at no charge to you.

Interested in only one or two policy areas? We've taken the best from Daily Policy Digest and created the following policy-specific newsletters, sent just once per week:

Health Policy Digest (weekly) — delivers the latest on health care
costs, Medicare, Medicaid, and policy effects of the new health
reform law.

Tax and Spending Policy Digest (weekly) — covers the latest in
federal spending, taxes, retirement and Social Security issues, and state
and local policy news.

Economic Policy Digest (weekly) — provides updates on economic
growth and monetary policy, banking, employment issues, housing
markets, and U.S. trade.

Environment Policy Digest (weekly) — delivers the latest on
domestic energy use, rising oil prices, "green" energy, offshore drilling,
and global warming.

Education Policy Digest (weekly) — covers the latest in education news,
including school choice initiatives, curriculum reform, teacher quality,
local education policy and overall quality of the American school system.


Policy Alerts

Health Alerts (Mondays and Wednesdays) — Insights on health policy.

Environment Alerts (periodic) — Expert analysis from the NCPA's Environment
Team (E-Team) of current energy and environment issues.

Debate Central Update (periodic) — Be the first to know of the latest additions to the
Debate Central website, including links to cases, expert commentary and advice.

Policy Patriots Update (periodic) — Stay informed with updates and analysis of the
most important debates happening on Capitol Hill.


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