Why We Closed Our Doors

After 31 years of remarkable success, the NCPA descended into a financial tailspin during the past three years.

According to the Dallas Morning News, when John Goodman and Pete du Pont left the NCPA in June 2014, there was $750,000 in the bank, $6 million in (endowment) bequests, $5 million in annual giving and a reliable group of supporters. When the organization folded in June 2017, there was virtually no money in the bank, no endowment, and more than $1 million of debt.

Our History

  • The NCPA has a rich and impressive history. In fact, Phil Gramm once said, “The NCPA does more with fewer resources than any other think tank in America.”
  • The NCPA orginated the idea of Health Savings Accounts, helped develop the first private sector HSA sold in the marketplace and helped persuade Congress to make these accounts tax advantaged.
  • The NCPA produced the tax ideas included in Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, including the Roth IRA.
  • Another successful NCPA idea in the Contract with America was allowing seniors to reach the full retirement age and keep on working without losing their Social Security benefits.
  • As a result of a left/right partnership between the NCPA and the Brookings Institution, employers can now automatically enroll their employees in 401(k) plans with diversified portfolios with out fear of being sued in case of a market downturn.
  • The NCPA created the nation’s number one right-of-center health care blog.
  • It created a program for high school debaters that supplied students throughout the country with materials not readily available to high school students.
  • The NCPA was the only think tank to sponsor the William F. Buckley Firing Line debates.
  • It sponsored the largest online petition ever delivered to Congress.
  • It introduced Margaret Thatcher’s techniques of privatization into the US and sparked a privatization revolution at the local level.
  • It was the first private organization to publish a public school report card and it sparked the very first private school voucher program in the country.
  • It published the first think tank book ever distributed through Hudson Book stores in airports around the country.  More »

What We Accomplished

Health Savings Accounts: more than 30 million people are managing some of their own health care dollars in accounts they own and control.

Roth IRAs19.2 million people own $660 billion of retirement money that will never be taxed again. 

Social Security: 78 million baby boomers are able to work beyond the retirement age without losing retirement benefits.

401(k) Plansbecause of automatic enrollment in diversified portfolios, 16 million employees are enjoying higher and safer returns. More »

Important Publications

  • Dismantling the State, by Madsen Pirie, introduced an American audience to Margaret Thatcher’s 21 techniques of privatization.
  • Privatization, by John Goodman, along with Pirie’s book, led to a privatization revolution at the local level in the US.
  • Patient Power, by John Goodman and Gerald Musgrave, shaped and molded right-of-center thinking about health policy – including such readers as Sean Hannity, Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich and many others.
  • Lives at Risk, by John Goodman, Gerald Musgrave and Devon Herrick, was the most thorough examination to date of government run health care in countries around the world.
  • Handbook on State Health Care Reform, by John Goodman, provided state think tanks and state legislators with a road map for reform throughout the country.
  • Fighting the War of Ideas in Latin America, edited by John Goodman and Ramona Baden, was a multi-authored book describing the role of free enterprise ideas in countries south of the border.
  • Priceless, by John Goodman, is a radically new way of thinking about health care that is causing a revolution in health economics
  • Living with Obamacare, by John Goodman, appeared in Hudson book stores in airports around the country.

Where Are They Now?

Many of the scholars who produced some of the NCPA’s most outstanding research now work with the Goodman Institute for Public Policy Research.

  • Laurence Kotlikoff and his colleagues are the intellectual source of the Ryan/Brady tax bill. Their work has been cited frequently by Paul Ryan, the Ways and Means Committee, the White House, the Council of Economic Advisors, the editors of the Wall Street Journal and others in support of tax reform.
  • John Goodman and his health policy colleagues were the source of the Sessions/Cassidy bill to replace Obamacare. This was the forerunner of the Graham/Cassidy bill that almost passed the Senate last summer.
  • Thomas Saving (a former trustee of Social Security and Medicare) and his colleagues are producing cutting edge research on how to privatize our largest entitlement programs.
  • David Tuerck retains ownership of the tax model that was once used by the NCPA. Although he remains on the faculty, his Beacon Hill Institute has separated from Suffolk University.  More »





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The Donor funded research of the NCPA has been preserved as a public archive due to the generosity of Larry Wedekind, a former director of The NCPA. Dr. John Goodman and The Goodman Institute continue their work, furthering the goals of the NCPA.

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