The Bush Savings Plan

Almost everyone agrees that the current method of taxing capital gains is harmful and unfair. Although personal income tax rates are inflation-indexed, there is no similar protection for people who make long-term investments. The holder of an asset can face substantial taxes if inflation causes an increase in the asset's price, even though the real value of the asset may not have changed.

An Agenda for Solving Americas Health Crisis

America's health care system is in crisis. That is the conclusion of virtually every commentator on AMerican medicine, regardless of policital persuasion. Ask any doctor, any patient, any business executive or politician. Indeed, virtually everyone who even has remote contact with the health care system will readily agree that it is in the need of reform.


As this book goes to press, Latin American politics are undergoing dramatic and radical change. This change has been largely unnoticed by the North American news media – perhaps because it is overshadowed by the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. But a radical shift toward freedom and free enterprise (one which parallels the change in Eastern Europe) is occurring throughout Latin America. It is a change that appeared all but impossible only a few years ago.