Marriage Penalty Relief in the New Tax Law

Some things never seem to die. The marriage penalty is one of them. The new tax law benefits most married couples somewhat, but it does not eliminate the so-called marriage penalty for lower- and upper-income couples. Even more important, the new law does not address other tax rules that financially penalize married couples and two-income couples

NCPA: Patients Can Save 90 Percent On Some Drug Costs

As Congress and many state legislatures debate ways to lower the cost of prescription drugs, a new study from the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) shows that patients can save more than 90 percent on some of the most common drug therapies by becoming smarter, more aggressive shoppers.

You Can't Outlaw Failure

Ten years ago the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan published an illuminating and unpopular analysis of American social conscience. "Defining Deviancy Down" explained how America had accepted high rates of violent crime and illegitimacy, rationalizing them as socially acceptable rather than doing anything to lower them. He noted that urban elites increasingly extolled rather than criticized broken families, notwithstanding studies showing a high correlation between single-parent families and educational failure.

Shopping for Drugs

As Congress debates ways to lower the cost of prescription drugs for seniors, and state governments debate ways to lower drug costs for almost everyone else, it may be time to consider a commonsense solution: smart shopping.