More Education, Better Retirement

Recent college graduates have had a difficult time finding employment to match their skills. Indeed, unemployment is now higher among 18 to 24 year olds than any other age group. Despite the current labor market, a college degree can drastically change an individual’s earning power. But what impact does a college education have 40 years later during retirement?

Second-Term Nightmare

The Wall Street Journal: The Obama administration is broadening its efforts to put a positive face on the tangled snarl of ObamaCare implementation.

Fundamentals of Health Reform

BRIEFING INVITATION Fundamentals of Health ReformHealthcare Without Obamacare  Sponsored by Dr. Bill Cassidy (LA-6)  Featuring John C. Goodman Father of Health Savings Accounts   Monday, July 22, 20133:00-4:00 P.M.121 Cannon …

Foreign Investment in the United States and Three Latin American Countries

Individuals and businesses in one country may transfer wealth to another country by investing in its business enterprises; this kind of wealth transfer is called foreign direct investment. Similarly, citizens of a given country may also put their money in another country’s banks, which will in turn make loans to individuals and enterprises; this activity is known as  indirect foreign investment.

July 15, 2013

NCPA Senior Fellow Dr. H. Sterling Burnett will speak at the 5th Annual Four Star Leadership Institute in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Dr. Burnett will address two sessions.  First, he will discuss …

ObamaCare Is the Problem, Health Savings Accounts Are the Solution

Health policy economists are puzzled by a persistent slowdown in the growth of health care spending that seems to have started in mid-2005, and accelerated since then. As the Wall Street Journal noted, “The health [spending] growth rate has flattened out at about 3.9% over the last three years — a record low since the 1960s and down from the old normal of 6.2% to 9.7% in the 2000s.”1

ADP Numbers

CNBC: NCPA Distinguished Fellow Bob McTeer talks about the encouraging ADP report that came out last week.

Why We Are on an Unsustainable Path

Psychology Today: In his latest Psychology Today post, NCPA President John C. Goodman says that consuming healthcare as if it were free means people will end up paying higher premiums and taxes.

Obama's Anti-Energy Agenda

The Wall Street Journal: Not surprisingly, President Obama and Speaker John Boehner have different views on energy policy, differences brought into stark contrast by their recent statements. The president sees our nation’s energy policy primarily in terms of the environment, with the economy a secondary concern. His policy is grounded in a view that government regulation and subsidies can steer us to better and cleaner energy.