NCPA Plan To Save SS Without Illusions

The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) unveiled today a groundbreaking new plan to reform Social Security that for the first time explicitly spells out how to fund the transition from the current pay-as-you-go system to a retirement program that is fully funded.

Private Pension Annuities in Chile

Chile adopted a new pension system featuring privately managed individual accounts in 1981. The system gives us an opportunity, based on more than 20 years of experience, to examine how pensioners and pension providers react when individual accounts replace government-run, defined benefit pension systems, and how various regulations shape these reactions. This paper focuses on the payout stage.

Flexible Spending Accounts: Making a Good Deal Better

As the year ends, hundreds of thousands of American workers are scrambling to spend down their flexible spending accounts (FSAs). Some buy designer eyeglasses. Others schedule a last minute appointment for teeth cleaning. Some plan a doctor visit or diagnostic test of questionable value. In almost all cases, this year-end spending goes for items and services that are probably worth less than their cost.

Retirement Savings Reforms on which the Left and the Right Can Agree

As the baby boomers near retirement, defects in the nation's private pension system are becoming obvious. Only about half of workers contribute to an employer-sponsored pension plan in any given year, and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) participation rates are substantially lower. Among workers with tax-preferred retirement saving plans, few make the maximum allowable contribution. And despite the many private savings incentives, many households approach retirement with meager funds.