Ballistic Imaging Easy To Defeat

Current federal attempts to create a database of images of marks that guns make on bullets and cartridge cases won't work because there are too many inexpensive ways for criminals to defeat it.

Insuring the Uninsured through Association Health Plans

Part of the solution to insuring the uninsured is the creation of Association Health Plans.  These are plans created for individuals and groups who belong to associations that are related to jobs, careers, or hobbies and interests. The potential for growth of this type of insurance is quite large – given a favorable regulatory climate.

Social Security & Medicare Forecast: 2003

The 2003 annual reports for Social Security and Medicare highlight the financial burdens these programs will create for future generations. If they are not reformed in a timely and responsible way, Social Security and Medicare will consume an ever-increasing portion of workers' incomes as the government seeks to keep its promises to future retirees.

The Bush Tax Plan: Tax Reform in the Making

President Bush has proposed a tax package to spur economic recovery and promote growth. The President's plan includes accelerating scheduled tax rate cuts, ending the double taxation of corporate income and increasing the amount of capital expenditures small businesses can deduct from their taxable income.

Shaping a Progressive Energy Policy: Natural Gas

National energy policy is a more prominent issue now than at any time since the "energy crisis" of the 1970s. Congress is debating legislation that would create a new national energy policy in response to electric industry deregulation, rising and wildly fluctuating energy prices, deteriorating relations with energy exporting countries, energy implications of the war with Iraq and various environmental concerns.

From Bad to Diverse

Is racial discrimination in the selection of applicants to attend colleges and law schools acceptable–and constitutional–if its purpose is to achieve diversity in the student body?