Health Care Forum: John C. Goodman and Ron Anderson

Join us to hear John C. Goodman, NCPA President and CEO and Ron Anderson, MD, President and CEO of Dallas' Parkland Health and Hospital System, discuss how the recently passed health care legislation will impact you and if it is the cure for America's ailing health care system.

Biotechnology Could Solve Famine And Malnutrition

The use of biotechnology to create genetically modified crops can meet the needs of a growing population, according to a new study by the National Center for Policy Analysis, especially as the world's population grows from six billion to approximately nine billion people this century.

Education Vouchers Benefit Edgewood Economy

Tuition voucher programs attempt to improve academic performance through school choice. Vouchers pay a set amount to schools chosen by the students' families. Programs can be federally funded (like the D.C. Opportunities Scholarship Program), funded by local government (such as the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program) or privately funded.

The Likely Effect of the Federal Budget Deficit

Many people are worried about the United States' federal budget deficit and accumulating debt burden. In 2009 the federal budget deficit reached a record $1.4 trillion, and public debt (U.S. Treasury securities held by institutions and individuals outside the federal government) is currently more than $8 trillion and growing.

Alaska Challenges Obama's Polar Bear Habitat Designation

Alaska state officials are objecting to the Obama administration's decision to list more than 187,000 square miles-almost the entire U.S. polar bear population's range-as critical habitat. Critical habitat is defined as an area containing features essential to the conservation of species listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

Congress and "The Doctor Fix": What's the Message?

Actions speak louder than words. Complex political wrangling accomplished passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [PPACA] by Congress that was signed into law on March 23, 2010. However, the Democratic controlled Congress has not shown the same will to eliminate the Sustainable Growth Rate [SGR] formula that has been a chronic problem for physician reimbursement with Medicare and TRICARE.