Focus Point – Corporate Welfare

I lauded the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 as long overdue. But I found myself on the same side as some liberal critics of welfare reform. And I still do, because we've only gone halfway in reforming welfare.

Social Security has emerged as a key election year issue. Proposals have been introduced in Congress to allow younger workers to save a portion of their payroll taxes in personal retirement accounts. To help you understand how such personal accounts could affect retirement benefits, the NCPA has developed a Social Security calculator that compares the return from the Social Security payroll tax with the return if the entire amount were invested in a personal retirement account. (The calculator is not based on any of the proposals, all of which call for investing only a portion of the total payroll tax.)

Focus Point – Survivor

If it's summer, you know television is going to start dumbing down, and this year the dumbest is "Survivor." you know the drill: a bunch of losers get dumped on an island; they bicker, whine, eat rodents and the sole survivor wins a lot of money.

Focus Point – Bill of Wrongs

President Clinton's proposed "Patients' Bill Of Rights" is strangely named. According to a study by the Pacific Research Institute, it's really a lawyers' bill of rights — because of all the federal regulations that will be dumped on health care companies.

Health Insurance: Letting Employees Choose

While managed care was rather successful at holding down health care inflation in the 1990s, it did so at the price of growing dissatisfaction among workers, their doctors and ultimately politicians. The various proposals in Congress for a "Patient Bill of Rights" are an indication of this dissatisfaction. So too are the dozens of new "anti-managed care" state laws.

Real Defense Against Missile Attack

A central purpose of the Constitution of the United States of America was to "provide for the common defense" and American taxpayers annually cough up $300 billion in pursuit of such security. And what protection do these outlays provide against the most destructive weapon of all, the long-range ballistic missile? None.

School Choice in San Antonio

The Horizon Program, the most sweeping experiment in school choice ever attempted in the United States, began in 1998 in the Edgewood Independent School District (EISD) in San Antonio, Texas. The Children's Educational Opportunity (CEO) Foundation offered a privately funded full tuition scholarship to any low-income student in the district who wanted to attend another school, private or public. About 90 percent of the 13,500 students in the predominantly Hispanic district are considered economically disadvantaged.

Who Will the Economy Hurt or Help Come November?

The conventional wisdom is that a good economy helps Al Gore and a bad economy hurts him. Certainly Mr. Gore thinks so. Lately, he has been doing all he can to make it seem as if he had something to do with the strong growth, low inflation and unemployment we are experiencing.