Youth Crime Falls, Because Consequences Are Up

It's almost time to go back to school. What's the number one concern of many parents, teachers and school officials? Safety and security. Despite the notoriety of last April's slaughter at Columbine High, the good news is that youth crimes have been declining sharply since 1994.

Simple Solutions for Elderly Prescription Drugs

Let me start out by saying that Congress has predicted nine of the last three national crises. Many of you will remember the Swine Flu scare back in the 1970s. Congress got it in its head that this Swine Flu was going to be a huge health problem and so it pulled out all stops, spent millions of dollars and had everyone vaccinated.

Protect Patients From Congress

This week the Senate begins debate on the Democrat's Patient's Bill of Rights proposal, which seeks to substitute the opinions of Congress for the outcomes of the market and give trial lawyers a new feeding trough. Odds are the Senate will end the week by passing the Republican version, which is almost as bad.

MSAs: South Africa Leads the Way

Under a pilot program passed by Congress three years ago, tax free Medical Savings Accounts are available in the United States to the self-employed and firms with 50 or fewer employees. The act explicitly excludes large companies that have been on the cutting edge of change in health plan design.

America Already Has School Choice

Should parents be able to choose the school their children attend? While politicians from Florida to Arizona debate this issue, opponents of choice continually ignore the fact that America already has a de facto system of school choice; one that works well if you're not poor.

Would Private Social Security Be Good for the Disabled?

We generally think of retirees and their survivors when we talk about Social Security, but that's not all that Social Security does. Some 4.7 million disabled workers who have worked long enough to qualify for Social Security benefits draw Disability Insurance. Those benefits come from a separate Disability Insurance trust fund that is part of our payroll tax.