Benefits of the Bush Dividend Tax Cut

One of America's largest publicly owned corporations recently announced the biggest stock dividend payment in history: some $37 billion. Tens of thousands of workers and retirees will benefit from Microsoft's decision to distribute some of its profits to shareholders, as well as millions of 401(k) participants whose mutual funds invest in high-tech stocks. In the past year, other companies have paid dividends for the first time, including Target, Bank of America and Proctor & Gamble. Previously, these companies reinvested profits themselves, and shareholders only realized a gain when they sold their stocks.

Kerrycare: Your Money or Your Life?

John Kerry wants your money and your life. He has proposed a bold new health plan with a 10-year cost in excess of $1 trillion, to be paid in part by rescinding President Bush's tax cuts for the highest-income taxpayers.

Is College Too Expensive, Or More Affordable Than Ever?

To the 10.5 million students in college each year and their families, college affordability is a major concern. With annual regularity, news headlines warn about rising college costs. Tuition at four-year public universities, for example, jumped an average of 14.1 percent last year. But is college truly less affordable today? Thanks to an explosion in federal grants, state aid and tax credits, the average student pays less than ever for a public university education.

Lives at Risk

As we move further into the twenty-first century, it is clear that we are living with a number of institutions that were not designed for the Information Age. One of those institutions is health care.

A Brief History of Health Savings Accounts

As of January 2004, 250 million non-elderly Americans have access in principle to health savings accounts (HSAs). Individuals will now be able to self-insure for some of their own medical needs and manage some of their own health care dollars.

A Brief History of Health Savings Accounts

It seems unlikely that HSAs would exist today were it not for the activities of the NCPA, although other groups were also important – including the Council for Affordable Health Insurance (CAHI), the MSA Coalition and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).