Tuning Out of Politics

There's an old joke about the man who was asked in a poll, "Do you think the nation has a problem with ignorance and apathy?" To which he responded, "I don't know and I don't care."

Limiting Welfare Benefits for Illegitimate Children: The Family Cap

One of the most controversial welfare reform proposals under consideration would limit the amount of cash assistance mothers on welfare would receive if they bear additional illegitimate children. But in this case it's not just a theory, there is some practical experience to help evaluate the idea. The state of New Jersey passed a family cap law in 1992, taking effect in August 1993. No longer does a mother on welfare receive additional welfare money for bearing more children.

Principles of a Flat Tax

There is a better way of taxing. Under a flat tax, all income is taxed, and it is taxed at the same rate. Furthermore, income is taxed only once, at its source, when it is realized.

Benefits of the Flat Tax

A flat or single-rate income tax would replace the current system of five rates and hundreds of deductions, credits, exclusions, etc. This change is grounded in widely accepted principles of taxation.

The Republican Dilemma: Growth or Green Eyeshades?

Sixteen months into the conservative revolution that swept the field in the 1994 elections, the liberals are winning the war. They lost the battle at the polls but they are winning the war in the trenches of the Congress and the sound bites of the evening news.