Freeing the Police to Do Their Job

Two years ago, a bad guy named Charles Dickerson voluntarily confessed to the FBI that he had robbed seven banks in Maryland and Virginia. Dickerson's lawyer, however, asked the court to suppress his client's freely given confession because the agents allegedly had "Mirandized" him too late. Throwing out a confession usually means that the guilty criminal goes free, and that would be the likely outcome in Dickerson's case. The district court duly suppressed the confession.

Don't Make a Federal Case of Crime

In his year-end report, Chief Justice William Rehnquist said the trend to federalize crimes already covered by state laws "not only is taxing the Judiciary's resources and affecting its budget needs, but it also threatens to change entirely the nature of our federal system."

Why All Taxpayers Deserve a Tax Cut

The tax burden is measured in different ways, but by almost every measure, federal taxes are at an unprecedentedly high level, Congress can solve that problem by moving quickly to reduce the tax burden by cutting income tax rates at least 10 percent this year.

Milton Friedman: A National Treasure

Milton Friedman deserves our gratitude for a multitude of contributions to American economic theory, political thought and public policy. But possibly his greatest contributions have been destroying the credibility of Keynesian economics and making libertarian philosophy and the idea of free markets academically respectable.

Hate Crime Laws Will Not Eliminate Hate

Evil is an all-too common, everyday fact of life. Whether it be a terrorist who car bombs a government building, a local drug pusher who targets our children, or a thug on the streets of our nation's capitol, evil is played out in the actions of our fellow man. No one is immune from its reach.

A Better Way to Save Social Security

Although President Clinton talks about the need to save Social Security, the White House has refused repeated calls to put forth a specific plan because it might be politically divisive. No one has ever accused this administration of being a "Profile in Courage" except, of course, the White House press office.