Focus Point – The Tax Cut

was glad to see president-elect Bush is sticking to his plan for a $1.3 trillion tax cut over ten years, despite the pooh-poohing of the chattering classes.

Focus Point – EPA Strikes Again

Well, the Environmental Protection Agency is at it again, this time trying to fine business hundreds of millions of dollars and damaging the environment in the process. Even for this bunch, that's pretty impressive.

Focus Point – Election Final

The electoral college endorsement of George W. Bush should have been an afterthought, but sore losers wouldn't let it be. Al Gore had already conceded, but democratic operatives were still at work.

Focus Point – Christmas

It's christmas, and I hope it's a glorious day for you and yours. At some point during the Christmas Season, you've probably heard the famous "Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus" letter – but probably only that line. The whole thing is much more.

Focus Point – Unintended Consequences

Today, a lesson in unintended consequences. In the 1970s, anti-corporate activists organized a worldwide boycott of the Nestle Corporation to stop them from distributing free samples of infant formula in developing nations. They claimed women in third world countries were being pressured by advertising not to breast feed.

Cooling Overheated Global Warming Rhetoric

The November 2000 negotiations at the Hague, Netherlands, on implementing the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on climate change took place against a backdrop of lobbying by environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These NGOs used selective science and inaccurate news reports to demand that the United States accede to international demands for drastic, immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, a closer look at the evidence shows that they downplayed uncertainties in the studies that they cited, and ignored other studies that cast doubts on the need for immediate emission cuts.

Focus Point – George W. 2

Today, more free advice to George W. Bush, starting with his cabinet. First, find an Attorney General of the highest integrity, and have him assist local authorities in the prosecution of vote fraud in Florida. Select an outstanding Treasury Secretary; your administration (and all of us) will rise or fall on the economy.

Focus Point – The Phony Digital Divide

"Digital Divide" is how some people describe the underrepresentation of blacks and hispanics in top technical positions, supposedly because they didn't have early Internet access. They see racism at work.

Myths about Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

For more than 50 years, America has relied on employers as the primary source of health insurance coverage. For the most part, this has been a successful approach, providing coverage in 1998 to 155 million people, compared to only 15.5 million who purchase their own coverage.

Focus Point – Drug Prices

During the election, both major candidates touted prescription drug spending plans with the fervor of cold war warriors urging more money for national defense. But before the next administration goes crazy, it should check out a story in the November 6 Business Week.

Starving off a Recession

The second most discussed subject in recent days – after who is going to be president – seems to be whether an economic recession is imminent. And the answer is … your guess and mine are as good as anybody's.

Focus Point – The Transition

When you think about it, ten weeks is not a lot of time to get ready to run a government. That's why the transition is so important. And bush — and as we go to press, it's still bush — as leader of the out party has it tougher than Gore would have.

Focus Point – The Election

At this moment, George Bush is still the declared winner in Florida, and Al Gore is still in a snit. I can't fault him. He lost the presidency of the United States. I've lost elections, and it's not a good feeling.

10 Resolutions for Congress this New Year

2000 featured one of the most contentious and controversially close elections in our history. As 2001 dawns, it's time to take stock and resolve to do better in the coming year. Here are ten resolutions that Congress should consider this year.