Is Wimping Out the Way to Go?

The Republican majority in Congress has figured out how to avoid another budget battle with President Clinton – surrender, and give the president the additional spending he wants.

Is Social Security Fair to Black Males?

Social Security as it currently exists is a gamble Ð one in which some people win and others lose. Statistically speaking, we know which segments of the population will win and which will lose. Ethically speaking, we ought to be outraged because the system is patently unfair.

Al Gore Is Only Blowing Smoke

President Clinton has won a reputation for being able to hold two sides of the same issue at almost any time and getting away with it. But having seen the vice president's convention speech about the death of his sister, I know that President Clinton has some real competition from his running mate.

The Good Old Bad Old Days

In his speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination, President Clinton decried "the bad old days of the '80s," implying that he would save the country from experiencing anything like that decade again if he were reelected.

Factories Behind Bars

Despite a consensus of the American public that prison inmates should be gainfully employed, most are idle. Their idleness contrasts sharply with the circumstances of their 19th-century counterparts. This study analyzes the American experience of private employment of prisoners and concludes that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Expanding the role of the private sector in prison work would reduce crime, increase economic growth and reduce the burden of the criminal justice system on taxpayers.