Free Enterprise Is National Security

Townhall: NCPA Senior Fellow David Grantham walks us through the inconsistencies of Obama administration as it defies the American people and continues down the path towards appeasing the Cuban government.

Dodd-Frank Defending Against Another Financial Crisis…in the Congo?

Townhall: The conflict minerals provision tucked deep inside the gigantic Dodd-Frank Act requires manufacturers to determine their use of minerals sourced from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), namely tungsten, tin, tantalum and gold. These minerals can be found in an assortment of products like clothing, electronics and household goods. Why was a manufacturing regulation attached to a financial reform bill? To protect Main Street from Wall Street? Nope. To curb conflict in the Congo.

The Suffering of Iran’s Victims will Endure

Townhall: The ink is not even dry on Obama’s ill-conceived executive agreement with Iran and already observers have found potentially unlawful stipulations baked into the agreement. A predictable development, to be sure, but it seems last minute. The administration has already ignored other judicial pronouncements through the course of negotiations without much fanfare. As the debate now inevitably plunges into squabbles over illegalities, it is time to address the outstanding judgment still haunting grieving victims of Iran’s terrorism.

Unfreezing Assets Will Sanction-Proof Iran

The Daily Caller: The penalties for violations built into the nuclear deal hinge on two faulty assumptions: sanctions can be reapplied and other countries have a vested interest in Iran’s compliance. Iran has mastered the art of masking oil revenue, routing embargoed goods through well-advertised smuggling routes in places like Dubai, and channeling finances through covert investment partnerships with Russia. The Iranian government is sanction-proofing its economy. They will invest, convert, and shelter the new revenue (and future revenue) to guard against future U.S. action. The most important enforcement tool available fails without a target.