Obama Gives Kitchen Sink Away to Vietnam

CNS News: In a commentary at CNS News, NCPA Executive Director Allen West explains how the results of this weeks’ visit to Vietnam is another example of the Obama Administration losing leverage in the world.

What Is Military Appreciation?

Townhall: We should honor our servicemembers with an earnest heart and let our actions, not words, be the testimony of such, says NCPA Executive Director Allen West in his commentary at Townhall.

Education, the Great Equalizer

Townhall: In a Townhall commentary, NCPA Executive Director Allen West explains why education is important, and the positive impact a quality education can have on a child’s ability to rise in America.

The Matrix of Progressive Socialism

Townhall: In this commentary at Townhall, NCPA Executive Director & BOD Vice Chair Allen West cleverlycompares the choice between the idea of progressive socialism and the freedom of conservative thinking and asks the question: which pill do you want to take?

The Dark Specter of Vietnam

Townhall: NCPA President/CEO Allen West draws parallels between the Vietnam War and current U.S. military operations in the Middle East in a Townhall.com commentary, pointing out recurring policy flaws.

Clinton Economic Plan: Allen West Intvw Op

Texas Insider: “Hillary Clinton’s economic policy speech provided nothing more than liberal progressive talking points; it could easily be a movie sequel called ‘Hope and Change II,’” says NCPA President/CEO Allen West in a Texas Insider commentary.


Caution: 21st Century Cures Act Has Suspicious Payment Plan

Investor’s Business Daily: The 21st Century Cures Act is designed to streamline the process for inventing new medicines, but if passed it will authorize a new mandatory spending program, warn NCPA President/CEO Allen West and Senior Fellow John R. Graham in an Investor’s Business Daily commentary.

Rand Paul’s ‘fair and flat’ tax proposal

The Washington Times: Senator Rand Paul’s “fair and flat” tax plan hits all the right notes: greater simplicity, lower rates and a more competitive system of corporate taxation, say NCPA President/CEO Allen West and Research Associate Jacob Kohlhepp in a Washington Times commentary.