Medical Savings Account Legislation: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

After years of bipartisan legislative proposals to create tax-free Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs), months of partisan congressional wrangling over whether to include MSAs in health insurance reform proposals and weeks of discussion on various MSA demonstration projects, Congress passed a law that includes a limited version of Medical Savings Accounts. The legislation has some good and some bad points, but the future fight over who can have an MSA likely will get ugly.

Silence of the Lamm

So, is America ready for a third-party? Ross Perot thinks so. So does David Broder of the Washington Post, who writes that by 2000, a third party will be a major political force in America.

GOP Convention

For the past year, the Republicans have been a fractious lot. The Gingrich conservatives have argued with the liberal Senate Republicans. The presidential primaries were nasty. Abortion is an issue that splits the party into warring factions on a weekly basis.