Job Worries Shouldn't Stop Veto of Transportation Bill

All parents know that when they let children get away with something they know is wrong, the chances are good that the children will do it again and push a little further next time. Eventually, a crisis point is reached where parents must put their foot down and punish the bad behavior.

Climate science or science fiction?

Proponents of policies to control human-induced global warming cite science as the basis for their claims and proposals. There is only one problem — as much as they claim otherwise, there is no scientific consensus for their theories.

Wind Power: Red Not Green

Environmentalists have long argued that renewable energy sources (such as wind, solar, and geothermal power, and the burning of biomass), are preferable to fossil fuels (oil, natural gas and coal). Historically, fossil fuels have been relatively abundant and significantly less costly; however, in recent years the price of alternative energies, particularly wind power, has fallen. Under certain conditions, wind power has become cost competitive with conventional fossil fuel energy.

Social Security, Women and Working Families

Social Security is a product of the 1930s. The United States has changed significantly over the past six decades, but Social Security remains much the same. It is out-of-date and in dire need of reform, especially with respect to benefits for married couples.

“Vision for Health Care”

Twenty years ago the House Ways and Means Committee voted on whether to cap the deduction of fringe benefits by employers. That vote fell two votes short of establishing a limit that would have focused tax relief on those needs that were deemed most important for the dollars assigned.

The Ownership Society

The principle of ownership can take many forms and solve many problems. From healthcare to retirement, the goal appears to be to move people from being dependent on the state to owners of their own security.

President launching a quiet domestic revolution, too

Since 9-11, discussion of the current President Bush's vision has been limited primarily to foreign policy and the Bush doctrine of "pre-emption." But while foreign policy legitimately has dominated, Mr. Bush quietly has pieced together a domestic policy vision that has just as much chance to be revolutionary.

Outsourcing Energizes America

Outsourcing of information technology services continues to be a hot topic – and a sore point for many IT professionals. As they stand in unemployment lines, they see their former jobs being shipped off to India , where they are now done by people making one-fifth as much. It has aroused much bitterness and led to legislative efforts to restrict outsourcing in the name of saving jobs for Americans.


Whenever there is a discussion of energy policy, many environmentalists and their political allies tout wind power as an alternative to burning fossil fuels. Even if electricity from wind power is more expensive than conventional fuel sources, and it is, wind advocates argue its environmental benefits are worth it. In particular, proponents claim increased reliance on wind power would reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

America's Private Retirement System: The Need for Reform

The current tax law has a bias against saving and investment. That bias retards capital formation and reduces productivity, employment and wages. In general, income that is spent on consumption is taxed once, but income that is saved is taxed as many as four times.