National Center for Policy Analysis Names James Amos President & CEO Allen West Named Executive Director & Vice Chairman of the BOD

NCPA: Due to the growing importance of national policy issues addressed by the National Center for Policy Analysis, the NCPA is expanding, naming James H. Amos, Jr. as President and CEO of the 33 year old, Dallas-based think tank. Former NCPA President/CEO Allen B. West is taking on a more active policy role as Executive Director/Vice Chairman of the NCPA Board of Directors and will continue to serve as a spokesman for the organization.

James H. Amos, Jr.

President & Chief Executive Officer •   Award winning Author, Speaker, Franchising Hall of Fame •   Chairman: Agile Pursuits Franchising, Inc. (Procter & Gamble) •   Past Chairman: The …

The Matrix of Progressive Socialism

Townhall: In this commentary at Townhall, NCPA Executive Director & BOD Vice Chair Allen West cleverlycompares the choice between the idea of progressive socialism and the freedom of conservative thinking and asks the question: which pill do you want to take?

Trump v. Cruz: The Comparative Economic Effects of Two Tax Proposals

NCPA: According to a newly updated report from the Beacon Hill Institute and the National Center for Policy Analysis, the Ted Cruz and Donald Trump tax plans would each eliminate large numbers of public sector jobs in either plan’s first year. However, an even greater number of private sector jobs will be created, assuming that the candidates’ tax plans are paid for by cuts in federal spending.

Nick Adams

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