Political Commentator Nick Adams to speak at Feb. 16 Event: NCPA

Source: NCPA: Dallas, TX (Feb. 11) 

Veteran Australian speaker, best-selling author and “Honorary Texan” Nick Adams calls political correctness a disease that has nearly destroyed Europe and says it has driven the U.S. from life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness into “lifelessness, suppression and the pursuit of mediocrity.”

Adams will discuss his new book Retaking America: Crushing Political Correctness at a National Center for Policy Analysis event on February 16 at the Bent Tree Country Club in Dallas.

The topic is certainly timely, as the presidential candidates, especially Donald Trump, continue to challenge the boundaries of political correctness. Adams very clearly defines “what we need and what we don’t need” in the next president, whether Democrat or Republican.

Media are invited to attend and cover. Recording will be allowed.

As an “Australian by birth; American by heart,” Adams provides an unbiased view of how the world sees the United States in this tumultuous political time. As polls continue to show Americans growing tired of their rights being trampled in the name of tolerance, Adams has gained popularity by challenging the idea of “political correctness.”

Adams is the founder and Executive Director of The Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG), an organization dedicated to promoting American exceptionalism and combating anti-Americanism around the globe. He previously served as Sydney, Australia’s youngest Deputy Mayor at the age of twenty-one.

In his book, Adams explains the momentous choice faced by Americans in the coming presidential election, and lays out a roadmap for an “American Renaissance.”

The event is open to the public. Tickets are $20 each.

WHO:           Political Commentator Nick Adams

WHAT:         Retaking America; Crushing Political Correctness

WHEN:         10:00-11:30am, February 16, 2016

WHERE:       Bent Tree Country Club
                       5201 Westgrove Dr.
                       Dallas, TX 75248

INFO:             http://www.ncpathinktank.org/events/nick-adams