Minimum Wage Hike Could Increase the Uninsured

Senator Kennedy and his liberal allies are at it again. Just about every Congress, as the election season approaches, Democrats like Kennedy and House Minority Whip David Bonior shout from the mountain tops that we need to raise the minimum wage, regardless of how high it is or when we raised it last.

Health Insurance and the Minimum Wage

Political support is growing in Congress for another increase in the federal minimum wage. Bills now under consideration would raise the minimum hourly wage by $1, from $5.15 to $6.15, in two steps over the next year and a half. According to the Economic Policy Institute, about 11.8 million workers would be affected by a minimum wage increase. Although many of these are teen-agers and part-timers, almost one million are single mothers.

Taking the Profit Out of Crime

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released its latest figures on national crime rates the other day. Among the good news was that the overall serious crime rate is at its lowest point in nearly two decades.

NCPA to Release Annual Crime and Punishment in America Report

Declaring that the nation's crime rate has reached a 25-year low for a reason, Dr. Morgan Reynolds, director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) will release the fourth annual edition of Crime and Punishment in America at a news conference Monday, Oct. 18, at the National Press Club.

Portland: Smart Growth's Bad Example

City officials and planners from all over the world are traveling to Portland, Ore., for a first hand look at the municipal pioneer of Smart Growth (also known as the New Urbanism), the latest fad in urban planning. Smart Growth promises less congestion, less air pollution, reduced infrastructure costs, more affordable housing and protection of open space through six basic policies…

NCPA Medical Savings Accounts Innovator in Washington

As the President and members of Congress consider expanding Medical Savings Account (MSA) provisions to increase access to health insurance for the uninsured, Dr. John Goodman, recognized as "the father of MSAs" and president of the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis, will be in Washington this week to dispel myths some members of Congress recently tried to attach to MSAs during the Patient Bill of Rights debate.

Ten Myths about the Market for Prescription Drugs

Critics complain that prescription drugs have contributed to a massive increase in health care spending in the United States. Some critics contend that drug prices are too high and propose lowering them through price controls. Many complaints about price, and the laws those complaints spawn, are based on a misunderstanding of how the prescription drug market works.

Turning On The Lights: Deregulating The Market for Electricity

Consumers, industry and business have reaped enormous benefits from increased competition and innovation following the deregulation of major industries in the United States and other countries. Commercial and residential customers spend more than $200 billion a year for electricity. Of that amount $20 billion to $50 billion is unnecessary spending caused by regulatory inefficiencies.