Rand Paul’s ‘fair and flat’ tax proposal

The Washington Times: Senator Rand Paul’s “fair and flat” tax plan hits all the right notes: greater simplicity, lower rates and a more competitive system of corporate taxation, say NCPA President/CEO Allen West and Research Associate Jacob Kohlhepp in a Washington Times commentary.

A Chronology of the Financial Crisis

Most Americans did not recognize that the United States had a financial problem until 2007. When people recognized the problem, it was seen as a subprime mortgage issue. In fact, on January 4, 2008, the American Dialect Society voted “subprime” as the word of the year for 2007. Evidence of the impending crisis, however, emerged years earlier.

Confederate Flag

FOX News: NCPA President/CEO Allen West discusses the manufactured political frenzy in regards to the Confederate flag on FOX News

Reforming Obamacare: How Congress, and the President, Can Win after King v. Burwell

The U.S. Supreme Court decision in King v. Burwell, the lawsuit which asserts tax credits currently being paid to health insurers in 34 to 37 states that use the federal health insurance exchange (healthcare.gov) are illegal, could require almost seven million people to pay the full premiums for their Obamacare policies. This will cause a crisis, and demand a response, giving Congress the opportunity to remove some of the Affordable Care Act’s most harmful features.

“The Good Crisis that Can’t be Wasted”

Townhall.com: The response of liberal left progressives to the unconscionable acts of the Charleston shooter have more to do with political posturing than heartfelt care or concern, says NCPA President/CEO Allen West in a Townhall.com commentary.

ObamaCare and Employer-based Benefits

American Thinker: The most certain legacy of the president’s healthcare reform is immense confusion about the numbers of uninsured, says NCPA Senior Fellow John R. Graham in an American Thinker commentary.

The Case for Conditional Cash Transfers in the United States

Programs in several countries providing conditional cash transfers to low-income individuals and families are focused on improving the education and general well-being of children. The conditions parents must meet range from general health check-ups to school attendance and performance requirements. Though cash transfer programs are popular and successful internationally, particularly in developing countries, Americans have paid very little attention to their potential benefits.

STEAM Rising

Slate:  “STEM already suffers from a major problem with student engagement, and the focus on changing STEM to STEAM would distract from the issue,” says NCPA Research Fellow Lloyd M. Bentsen IV in a Slate article.

Lament for Medicare's Sustainable Growth Rate

Real Clear Policy: The principle that Medicare’s physician payments should be based on the nation’s ability to pay, is one we have jettisoned at our fiscal peril, says NCPA Senior Fellow John R. Graham in a commentary at Real Clear Policy.