What if the Government Shuts Down?

The latest crisis invented by the national media is the great October "train wreck" – a confrontation between a liberal president and a conservative Congress – that will "shut down the government."

The Impact of ERISA

While it is clear that the ERISA exemption has led to distortions in the current health care system, giving states more control over the self-funded plans would only make matters worse.

Reforming Medicaid

While growth in private-sector health care spending has declined recently, spending on Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance program for the nation's poor, has continued to explode – growing at an average annual rate of 19.1 percent between 1990 and 1994.

Multiculturalism and Economic Growth

Multiculturalism is in vogue today among academicians, politicians and the media. But anthropologists identify cultural diversity as a universal source of social conflict and often as a barrier to economic progress as well as personal freedom.