The Biggest Mistakes of the 1900s…and the Envelope Please!

With the change of the calendar from 1999 to the year 2000, people are naturally looking back at the past century to find one person, idea or event that most improved the future. Einstein's theory of relativity changed the basis of science; D-Day, the largest military assault in history, permanently changed the geopolitical course of the world; and Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon realized the dreams of centuries.

HUD Hypocracy

Trial lawyers, anti-gun activists, mayors and the Clinton Administration's Department of Housing and Urban Development have a "simple solution" to the complex problem of gun violence: sue gun makers for the public costs of criminal, negligent and self-destructive gun misuses.

Holiday Season a Time of Joy and Generosity

Every year, as the holiday season approaches, our nation's shopping malls and supermarkets are awash in holiday decorations and displays. Our neighborhoods become aglow in lights and our attention is turned to our loved ones.

Global Warming Treaty is a Foreign Policy Goose Egg for a Lame Duck President

In recent weeks, with the World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle serving as a backdrop, much has been made of President Clinton's desire to leave a foreign policy legacy. Two factors add urgency to Clinton's quest for lasting international glory. Serving his last year in office and facing a hostile Congress, Clinton is the classic lame duck – his major domestic policy goals are dead in the water. In addition, whatever domestic successes Clinton has are almost certain to be overshadowed in history books by his legal, fundraising and sexual peccadillos and the resulting impeachment and contempt of court conviction.

The Nuclear Threat in the Post Cold War World

Echoing pronouncements from the administration, editorial writers and beat reporters across the country declared Congress' rejection of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty as a step in the direction of a "new isolationism" and global instability. If the commercial Al Gore taped minutes after the vote is a sign, this is surely going to be an issue in next year's campaign.

Patients' Rights: A Double Standard

As everyone "knows," the Patients' Bill of Rights that recently passed the House of Representatives would allow members of Health Maintenance Organizations to sue their plans. What most people probably don't know is that members already can sue their HMOs under current law. So what's going on?

Bill Bradley's Health Plan: Two Steps Forward, Six Steps Back

Former Sen. Bill Bradley is the first credible presidential candidate to call for abolishing Medicaid and allowing low-income families to buy private insurance instead. He would also end the discriminatory practice of denying tax relief to those who buy their own insurance by creating tax credits for low-income purchasers and tax deductions for everyone else.