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A year ago the Waxman-Markey energy regulation bill passed the House. Now before the Senate is the Kerry-Lieberman energy regulation bill, which includes many of the same damaging provisions–government control of many aspects of energy generation, distribution and prices.

Understanding Cap-and-Trade

There are a number of ways to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, if that is a worthwhile goal. Among the two most often discussed are a direct tax on carbon and "cap-and-trade." While economists generally agree that the most direct, efficient and transparent way to reduce emissions is to tax carbon production directly, the bills before Congress and ideas being promoted by the Obama administration pursue emission reductions through a cap-and-trade mechanism.

The Myth of Financial Reregulation

The regulatory reform bill currently before Congress will supposedly impose financial reregulation, reversing the alleged deregulation of the past 30 years.  What deregulation?  Can anyone point to the removal of a particular legal or regulatory barrier in the last two decades as a cause of the recent financial crisis?  If so,               will the new legislation restore this barrier?

The Myth of the "Doc Fix"

In order to prevent a one-fifth drop in the fees physicians receive under Medicare, Congress is proposing another in a series of temporary fixes. The American Medical Association (AMA) engaged in an expensive lobbying campaign to implement the so-called "doc fix" for Medicare Part B, but Congress is unlikely to permanently solve the problem.

Emergency Room Visits Likely to Increase Under ObamaCare

More people are likely to turn to the emergency room for their health care and they are likely to do so more frequently under the new health reform legislation. This finding is surprising because an oft repeated argument for insuring the uninsured is that it will allow people to seek less costly and more accessible care elsewhere.

Should You Convert to a Roth IRA?

Millions of Americans are saving for retirement in 401(k)s and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). These accounts allow people to invest pretax dollars, but require them to pay taxes on their deposits and accumulated earnings at the time of withdrawal. By contrast, a Roth account allows people to deposit after-tax dollars, but withdraw the accumulated balances tax-free.

Greg Wilkinson

Greg Wilkinson, Co-Chairman, Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors, Ltd. Greg Wilkinson, a lifelong Dallas resident, has been in the construction business since 1971 and a registered professional engineer in Texas …

Gun-studded rallies safest places in America

Besides a police station, the safest place in America on April 19 would likely have been any of the numerous Patriot's Day rallies held around the country where thousands of people, many carrying firearms, celebrated the opening shots in America's war for independence.

New Long-term Care Program Plan Is Financially Flawed

The long-term care entitlement program established by the recently passed health law will go the way of Medicare and evolve into an unfunded liability, according to a new report from the National Center for Policy Analysis. The New Long-Term Care Entitlement