2002 in Review

George W. Bush gets credit for a very good year as president. His vision has been clear; his commitment to fight terrorism has not wavered; and his redefinition of America's foreign policy doctrines will change the way the world thinks about international aggression. The Cheney-Rumsfeld-Powell-Rice team has helped Mr. Bush in just two years in office join a small group of outstanding foreign-policy leaders–Churchill, Reagan and Thatcher–in leading the world to a better understanding of what it means to be free, and how freedom must be defended.

The Shot Unheard Round the World

No doubt the White House had big plans for the week of Dec. 9. President Bush would reveal the members of his new economic team, announce his smallpox vaccination plans and refocus Americans and global allies on Hans "See No Evil" Blix on ongoing weapons inspections. That was all before Trent Lott opened his mouth.

A Gift for Investors

Now that President Bush has nominated a new economic team, it is time to start talking about a new tax cut package for his team to sell.

Investor Tax Relief

With continued sluggishness in the economy, the Bush administration is looking at new tax initiatives that will have a quick, positive impact on growth. However, the key to truly helping the economy is long-term, not short-term, thinking.

Power to the People

Not only must the world meet increasing energy demands, but to maintain a clean environment it must do so, in Stanford's words, with "an energy system that has much lower emissions of CO2"–carbon dioxide–"and other greenhouse materials to the atmosphere."