Tale of Two Personal Savings Accounts

A funny thing happened on the way to Election Day. Both presidential candidates have proposed creating voluntary personal savings accounts to make average workers shareholders in our economy and more financially secure in their golden years.

Is the School Choice Tide Turning?

Thanks to a combination of tax-funded and privately funded vouchers, a growing number of children – most of them racial minorities and most of them from low-income families – will have an opportunity this coming school year to escape schools where they can't learn such basics as reading, writing and arithmetic.

NCPA Experts Available For Non-Partisan Analysis Of Convention News

As the two political parties convene their conventions, beginning with the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, experts from the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPASM) are available to offer non-partisan expert analysis of the major issues of this year, including Social Security and Medicare reform, health care, taxes, gun control and the environment.

Managing Health Care with the Internet

The Internet is the right tool at the right time to allow Americans to manage their own health care. It is changing the entire health care environment for physicians, insurers and patients. The Internet offers the possibility of one-stop shopping – enabling consumers to compare and price health plans, choose their doctors, apply for insurance coverage, check on the status of claims submitted, and pay premiums online.

Focus Point – Why Liberals Can't Win The Senate

Liberals couldn't have taken much heart from Jon Margolis's article in the July 17th issue of the American Prospect. Margolis examined Democrats' hopes of regaining the Senate. To give you an idea of how he handicapped their chances, the article was entitled "Chamber of Horrors."

What To Expect From the GOP Convention

Much of the talk leading into this summer's party conventions has been on the lack of news value in them. "It's just going to be one big infomercial," groans more than one media elite. "Both conventions will be planned and scripted down to the last second," complains another as they justify their plans for sparse coverage.

NCPA's Bartlett Available on Marriage Penalty Relief Bill

Having testified on relieving the marriage tax penalty before the House Ways & Means Committee, Bartlett, one of the nation's foremost experts on tax policy, can provide important insight and analysis on the strength and scope of the compromise bill, as well as compare it to the separate House and Senate marriage penalty bills.

Focus Point – Vouchers Pay Off

As the excuses for not giving school vouchers a chance get flimsier by the day, a study from the Heartland Institute pokes a hole in another one: that they'll drain money from public education.

Focus Point – Kyoto News

Some people collect stamps. I collect reasons why the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty would be a disaster, and I recently acquired a wonderful new addition to my collection.

Focus Point – Clearing the air

Al Gore says Texas is the most polluted state in the country. The League of Conservation Voters says George W. Bush's tenure has led to worsening air quality that if duplicated nationally would set us back 30 years.