Texas' Concealed Carry Law Works, Says NCPA Report

Marking the fifth anniversary of Texas' concealed carry law, a new report from the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) shows that Texans with concealed carry permits are far less likely to commit a serious crime than the average citizen.

Focus Point – A Language Lapse

There's a case of language abuse I'd like to draw your attention to, spotted mostly recently in an op-ed by Sylvia Hewlett in the New York Times. I'm not picking on Hewlett; her's was just the most recent place I caught the error.

Focus Point – The Death Of Civics

If you're, say, 35 or older, I want you to think back to your early schooling. Did you have civics, or social studies, or some similar class? Sure, and so did most others your age or older.

Focus Point – The Case Against Hillary

If you want to read a knife-through-the-heart political analysis, one that should be read, if not by every American then at least by every New Yorker, get Peggy Noonan's "The Case Against Hillary Clinton."

Focus Point – The Equal Pay Day Hoax

I hope you gave last week's "equal pay day" the attention it deserved, which was none at all. It was the day on which women's advocacy groups propagated the myth that women earn only 76 cents for every dollar men earn and are barred from rising to positions of importance by a glass ceiling.

NCPA To Unveil New Online Social Security Calculator

Coming amid a growing debate between Gov. Bush and Vice President Al Gore on Social Security reform, the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA SM) will unveil a new online Social Security benefits calculator Monday, May 22, at the National Press Club to help illustrate what Social Security reform really means to average Americans.

Focus Point – Riding Out the Market

You could get seasick watching the DOW and the NASDAQ rise and plunge, but should that throw cold water on the idea of letting people put part of their Social Security payroll tax into personal, market retirement accounts?

Focus Point – Apologies to Elian

Yesterday I talked about the way Elian Gonzalez was used by democratic party donors as a carnival exhibit. It's just one more thing to apologize to him for — along with, of course, sending him back to Cuba. This administration clearly won't apologize to him. So I will.

Focus Point – Elian on Display

Well, Elian Gonzalez has attended his first democratic fundraiser. I thought after the Reno's raiders conclusion to the Elian Gonzalez standoff there wouldn't be any further way for the government to embarrass itself. But I guess I should no better.

At Least a Start Toward Saving Social Security

Texas Gov. George W. Bush, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, believes that what is needed is a gradual move away from pay-as-you-go financing of Social Security, and toward letting each worker at least partially fund his or her own future retirement instead.