A Conspiracy to Educate America's Children

We now learn that voucher scholarships to give low-income families a chance to move their children from a bad public school to a decent private school are actually part of a vast right-wing conspiracy aimed at destroying public education.

Where Public Education Still Works — and Why

There is good news in American education. The first piece of good news is that educational choice — i.e., giving parents more control over where their children attend school — is growing. And a recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decision in favor of school choice will only add to the momentum.

Bureaucrats: The Public Be Damned

Despite decisions by two separate lower federal courts that sampling is illegal in conducting the 2000 Census, the Clinton administration has said it still plans to use sampling, even if the Supreme Court finally agrees that it's illegal.

Sea Levels and Global Warming

The Clinton administration has committed to signing- but the Senate has yet to ratify – the Kyoto Treaty, which would impose legally binding, internationally enforceable limits on the production of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide (CO2). Supporters of the treaty believe that human-caused gases are causing environmentally disastrous global warming and that only immediate government action can avert catastrophe.

Let States Manage National Forests

The United States Forest Service (USFS) is under fire from both fiscal conservatives and liberal environmentalists – two groups not often on the same side of issues. Fiscal conservatives decry the agency's spendthrift ways and money-losing programs. Environmentalists claim that its logging, mining and grazing programs damage the natural world. Both groups are correct.