Job-Killing Kyoto Treaty Even Worse Than Thought

Dallas — Responding to a U.S. Department of Energy study that predicts potentially devastating economic outcomes if the U.S. adopts the Clinton-Gore negotiated Kyoto Global Warming Treaty, H. Sterling Burnett, an environmental policy analyst with the National Center for Policy Analysis, today stated; "The Energy Department has just confirmed what we already knew – implementation of the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty would be an economic disaster."

"It should surprise no one that the Energy Department is now directly contradicting Clinton and Gore's previous claims that we could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions with no harm to the U.S. economy," noted Burnett. "This administration has never been known for being forthcoming."

The D.O.E. study, which was released to the House Science Committee on Friday, projects a worst case scenario in which virtually all energy costs soar, causing a 4.1 percent drop in the nation's gross domestic product by 2010.

Burnett added, "The energy department's report is important for several reasons:

  • "First, it makes previous analyses, by both industry and non-partisan economic forecasters, seem optimistic by comparison.
  • "Second, it confirms what many analysts point out about so many environmental policies; they impose the greatest harm on the poorest members of our society – those who can least afford increased fuel and food prices.
  • "Finally, since the proposed treaty will not curb greenhouse gas emissions in fast-growing developing countries with dirtier technologies, it will be all pain for the U.S. with no gain for the environment."

Please contact the Dallas office of the NCPA to speak to Mr. Burnett regarding this or any other environmental policy issue.