Free trade tack for drug imports

A new report by the Department of Health and Human Services is unlikely to satisfy either proponents or opponents of importing drugs from Canada and other countries. The report says drugs can be imported safely, at a cost. At the same time, buyers of them can expect only modest savings.

Reforming the Health Care System

Reforming the Health Care System was held March 18, 2005 at Ball State University as part of a larger conference, Health by Design. Reforming the Health Care System featured a debate between Kenneth E. Thorpe, Ph.D. of Emory University and John C. Goodman, Ph.D. of the National Center for Policy Analysis. Their presentations were transcribed and are presented in this booklet. The speakers and publishers thank editor Richard D. Western, proofreader Diane Bast, and graphic designer Amy McIntyre for their work in pulling together this finished product.

Ten Easy Health Reforms

While the idealists among us still hope for a major overhaul of our health care system, there are some minor reforms lawmakers could enact that would pay big dividends. Here are 10 suggestions along with the Web addresses of NCPA publications that discuss them in greater detail.

Health Care Tax Credits for the Uninsured

Support is growing for a proposed solution to the rising number of uninsured Americans: a health insurance tax credit. If properly designed and implemented, a tax credit would allow uninsured, low income individuals and families to purchase affordable, quality health insurance.

Reform Calculations

The Bush administration has suggested shifting the calculation of initial Social Security benefits from wages to prices to reduce costs. Reporters and pundits flew into a tizzy as if this were breaking news. But the indexing proposal has been discussed publicly since it was developed three years ago.


Global warming is hot! – pun fully intended. Within the space of a year, a blockbuster action movie and now a sure-to-be best-selling novel have both focused on the perils and political intrigues surrounding the question of whether, or to what extent, humans are causing the planet to overheat with all manner of apocalyptic results.

America the "Stingy"? Hardly

The other day, a United Nations official accused the U.S. of being "stingy" in terms of aid to tsunami victims in South Asia.

After criticism from the State Department, the official clarified his position. Americans aren't being stingy in helping tsunami victims, only stingy in terms of overall foreign aid compared with other countries.