Losing the energy race

Shock and awe – we are living it! We stand, mouth agape, staring at the pump – at $4 gallons and fast-emptying pocketbooks. Even worse, with crude oil already costing …

Insuring New Jersey's Uninsured

Individual health insurance policies in New Jersey are among the most costly in the United States due to over-regulation and expensive mandates. Two radically different bills have been proposed recently to reduce the number of uninsured in the state by making health coverage more affordable. One proposal would mandate that individuals purchase insurance.

Energy and the Executive

This election is notable in many ways. For the first time since 1952, neither the president nor the vice president will be his party's presidential nominee. For the first time …

Capping CO2 Emissions, Boosting Energy Costs

The United States has refused to ratify the 1997 Kyoto Protocol intended to limit and eventually reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The treaty did not meet two requirements Congress deemed necessary for a worthwhile international climate change policy — that it: 1) do no harm to the U.S. economy and 2) include developing nations in emissions regulation. Congress should apply these criteria to proposed domestic climate change legislation.

Brazil's Energy Plan Examined

Originally Published in: Washington Times With national security on everyone's mind and the average retail price of gasoline nearing an inflation-adjusted high of $3.40 a gallon, analysts have touted Brazil …