Focus Point – McCain's Tax Plan

Hi…looking at specific programs offered by leading presidential candidates has brought me to John McCain's tax plan. Like a lot of proposals this year, it has its ups and its downs, but the ups are interesting.

Why the Social Security Earnings Penalty Should Be Repealed

The Social Security earnings test is among the most unfair and counterproductive policies ever imposed by the federal government. On the one hand, we are continually told that workers have a "right" to Social Security whenever there is a proposal to modify cost of living adjustments. But on the other hand, we take away benefits from many seniors simply because they have chosen to work past the normal retirement age.

NCPA Health Care Innovator In DC To Promote Widening Access Free-market Analyst Urges Congress to Consider Tax Credits & Revised MSAs

As Congressional conferees attempt to balance increasing health insurance access for the uninsured with protecting patients' rights, Dr. John Goodman, president of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) and prominent health reform economist, will be in Washington next week to support broadening access through refundable tax credits and expanded Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs).

Time to Dump the Unfair Social Security Earnings Penalty

We may be about to rid ourselves of the Social Security earnings penalty – and about time. Congress is supposed to consider eliminating it this year, and President Clinton has said he favors eliminating it. Opposition to the proposal has yet to surface. And the budgetary arguments against it, always based on suspicious economics, have been weakened by a surging economy.

Focus Point – Religious War on Vouchers

When a Cleveland federal judge ruled against that city's school voucher program — a ruling now on appeal — he cited the first amendment's ban on government establishment of religion. Most of the schools involved are church-related. But Judge Solomon Oliver, Jr. doesn't know what he's talking about.

Focus Point – Gore's Hot Air

You have to hand it to Al Gore. When he stakes out a position, he sticks to it, no matter if the evidence shows he's completely wrong. And while he's wrong about a lot of things, he's really wrong about global warming.

Needed: Reform, Not a New Entitlement

Amazingly, even though enough money is being spent right now on health care for elderly Americans to provide prescription drug coverage for all of them, many of them aren't covered. The reason is the way Medicare is structured. And the answer is not a separate prescription drug entitlement, as proposed by some. Rather, the answer is reforming Medicare.

Focus Point – Unwanted Entitlements

At President Clinton's instruction, the Department of Labor has published a proposed regulation allowing states to pay unemployment insurance benefits to parents who take time off for the birth or adoption of a child.

Statement on the Social Security Earnings Test

If people have in fact earned their Social Security benefits, then they are entitled to them. No one takes away someone's private pension or annuity if that person continues to work after they have become entitled to benefits. This disparate treatment makes a mockery of the notion that Social Security is an earned benefit that people are entitled to by virtue of long years of work.

Focus Point – Clinton's Cuts

The lead in the Wall Street Journal story gave me pause: according to the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, Bill Clinton is the only post-war president to reduce real per capita spending. No kidding, its true.

Biotechnology Could Feed the World and Save the Environment

The world is at a crossroads. One path takes us to brighter future, one where it is possible to feed the world's growing population without increasing pesticide use or converting more forests and meadows to croplands. The other path leads to lower food supplies, more illness and disease, and environmental degradation. Disturbingly, environmentalists are leading the charge to take the world down the second path.