NCPA's Burnett Appointed To New e-Texas Citizens Commission

DALLAS (Feb. 17, 2000) – National Center for Policy Analysis Senior Analyst H. Sterling Burnett has been appointed by Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Rylander to the new e-Texas citizens commission. Burnett will serve on the Environment and Natural Resources task force.

"In our effort to recommend ways for Texas government to cost less, provide better service, and be more responsive to the citizens who pay for it, we must have the advice and counsel of public policy experts to realize these goals," Comptroller Rylander said. "I'm confident that Sterling Burnett will be an outstanding task force member and integral part of the e-Texas team."

e-Texas was formed to look for ways that the state of Texas can save tax dollars, give power back to citizens and communities, increase the use of technology, and focus government operations on customer service. The overriding goal of the 14 task forces that comprises the e-Texas enterprise will be to create smaller, smarter government, and will have the full support of the comptroller's office.

As a senior policy analyst at the NCPA, Burnett works on a number of issues, but specializes in issues involving environmental policy. He is also the vice president of the board of directors for the Dallas Woods and Water Conservation Club, and is an advisor to the American Legislative Exchange Council's Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Task Force.

Burnett's articles and opinion pieces have been published in Ethics, Environmental Ethics, International Studies in Philosophy, The World and I, USA Today, Los Angeles Daily News, The Washington Times, The Dallas Morning News, Rocky Mountain News, Miami Herald, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Detroit News, The Seattle Times and Human Events.

Burnett will receive his Ph.D. in 2000 from Bowling Green State University. His doctoral dissertation is entitled "Ecosystemic Goods: The Pros and Cons of a Property Rights Approach."