SCHIP Expansion: Robin Hood in Reverse

The State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), which covers 6.7 million children and adults, will expire in September. SCHIP consists of 50 different federal-state health plans for children (and in some states adults) in families that earn too much to qualify for Medicaid. Typically, families with incomes above the poverty level, but no more than 200 percent of poverty, are eligible.

State Health Care Reform Briefing

The NCPA sponsored a Capitol Hill briefing about state health care reform efforts, including an announcement of the recent publication of NCPA's Handbook on State Health Care Reform.

Just Drill, Baby

America's domestic oil production is declining, importation of oil is rising, and gasoline is more expensive. The government's Energy Information Administration reports that U.S. crude oil field production declined to …

Health Care for Children

The state children's health insurance program (SCHIP) was originally a Republican program to provide health insurance to children in near-poor families who did not qualify for Medicaid. Democrats now want …

How to Fix the Alternative Minimum Tax

The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) is an income tax monstrosity that denies middle-to-high-income people deductions that would otherwise be legitimate.  The AMT requires an increasing number of taxpayers to compute their tax liability under the standard tax rules.  Then, they compute it under the AMT.  Then, they pay the greater of the two; minimum does not mean minimal. 

Congress All Talk On Global Warming

From former Vice President Al Gore's recent turn as movie producer and rock concert promoter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi's specially created climate change committee, politicians often go to great lengths to propagate the belief that energy use must be reduced to combat catastrophic global warming.

Medicare: Past, Present and Future

Although Social Security reform has received considerable attention in recent years, Medicare is the far-bigger problem.  Medicare is growing at a faster rate and has an unfunded liability six times the size of Social Security.