Medicare Spending Across the Map

Though talk of fundamentally reforming Medicare has been limited lately, the baby boomers' imminent retirement and the continued rise in health care costs will force Medicare back to the forefront of upcoming policy discussions.

The Opposite of Progress

"I have come to the conclusion, that one useless man is a Disgrace, two are a law firm and three or more are called a Congress."–John Adams, "1776" Click here …

Which Is More Important for Women, Capitalism or Democracy?

Capitalism and democracy are both known to improve the well-being of women. But which is more important? The social welfare of both men and women can be measured by health, education and employment, and the well-being of women in particular by gender-specific indicators, such as control of fertility. Poor countries generally rank lower than developed countries on all these social metrics, but they can implement public policies to improve conditions.

Five Family Friendly Policies

The most significant economic and sociological change of the past half-century has been the entry of women into the labor market. Public policies that govern the workplace have not kept pace with this demographic shift, however. For the most part, tax law, labor law and employee benefits law were designed decades ago on the assumption that the typical household would have a full-time working husband and a homemaker wife.