Crime Doesn't Pay as Well as It Did

If you have the impression that fewer people these days are being murdered, raped, robbed and assaulted, and that not as many homes are being burglarized, you're right. There has been a documented decrease since 1993 in every category of violent crime plus burglary.

Myths of Global Warming

The Clinton administration has decided to commit the United States to finalizing a treaty in December 1997 that would impose internationally enforceable limits on the production of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide (CO2).

An Easy Way to Increase the Uninsured: The Problems with Community Rating

Several states have figured out a way to increase the number of people without health insurance – and they are effectively putting that strategy into action, although that's not what they intended. Its called "community rating," and it always results in driving up the price of health insurance and pricing people out of the health insurance market.

The EPA's Dirty Little Secrets

Do the nation's current clean air standards need to be made more stringent to save the lives of asthmatic children? President Clinton and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) say yes. But many mayors, governors and members of Congress of both parties say more evidence is needed before standards are tightened.

The EPA as a Health Hazard

Once again a bureaucrat determined to do something and a president who thinks he has found a heartstring to tug are proposing to do all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons.

The Long Arm of Federal Juvenile Crime Law Shortened

Violent crimes committed by adults are declining, primarily because state and local governments are increasing punishment for these offenses. By contrast, the number of violent crimes committed by teenagers has doubled over the last decade, and the FBI predicts another doubling in the next 10 years.

Lucy and Charlie Brown in Washington

We've all seen the "Peanuts" cartoon where Lucy holds the football and asks Charlie Brown to kick it. At the last minute, Lucy always pulls the football away and Charlie falls flat on his back. But no matter how many times this happens, Lucy is always able to convince Charlie that this time will be different and he will finally be able to kick the ball.

The Global Warming Panic

Speaking at the United Nations on June 26th, President Clinton said "…we have to first convince the American people and the Congress that the climate change problem is real and imminent." Failure to do so, he suggested, could produce "50 million or more cases of malaria," cause "the seas to rise two feet or more," cause urban heat waves, and cause the Maldive Islands to disappear.