Reimporting Prescription Drugs

Physicians and patients in the United States have better access to innovative treatments than do those in any other developed country. And the U.S. has become the world leader in biotechnology, including the development and manufacture of new drugs. The main reason is the lack of price controls. In almost every other industrialized country, choice of and access to the most effective new drugs are limited by drug price controls and other government restrictions.

Why Pay-as-you-go Social Security Is Doomed

A colleague told me about a casual conversation with two business acquaintances the other day. The two, one in his early 40s, the other in his early 50s, both said matter-of-factly that they didn't think Social Security would still be around when they retired.

Facts about Social Security

Social Security reform has emerged as one of the defining issues of the 2000 election. Proposals to "save" Social Security have fueled an onslaught of criticism and praise of the current system – some accurate, some in the neighborhood and some not even close. A number of myths and half-truths about Social Security have clouded the dialogue.

Should IRA's Be Expanded?

On July 19 the House voted to expand the amount taxpayers can invest in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and 401(k) retirement plans. With the help of 181 Democrats, the Republican-initiated proposal passed 401 to 25. Despite the measure's bipartisan support, it prompted a polemical attack from the White House, which issued a "fact sheet" against congressional tax bills, arguing they would drain money from the surplus, leave too little for "key priorities" (spending) and fail to equally benefit those who pay taxes and those who do not.

Focus Point – The Free Market in Print

If I had a book on, it would probably do well. That's because a surprising number of the top 25 best-selling economics books are by free market economists. What's curious is how they got there.

Focus Point – State Tax Cuts

I'm Pete du Pont with the National Center for Policy Analysis with a tip the next time your liberal friends fret about a tax cut. You know the lines: "It's a risky experiment! We'll be plunging into the unknown!" and other liberal assertions.

Wake Up America! We're In For A Fight

We are a thirsty country. The United States is exhausting its freshwater resources faster than they are replenished. Yet in the face of impending water shortages, we continue to rely on an outdated government regulations to manage our water supply.

Focus Point – Guess Who's Cutting Taxes?

You know how we've always ragged on Europeans for being tax gluttons? Well, as Americans literally cook up of the world cook up *reform* schemes that will only result in more taxes here, guess who's cutting them there?

W's Prescription A Good Choice For Seniors

Fresh from his populist rebirth at the Democrats convention, Vice President Al Gore is traveling from town to town railing against the "big drug companies" and arguing that "no senior should have to choose between food and prescription drugs."

Antitrust Regulation Attacks Non-problems

Not very long ago, we lived in an era of deregulation. In telecommunications, trucking, airlines, oil and gas, and advertising, the dead hand of government regulation was lifted. Price and service competition revived in newly freed industries, much to the benefit of consumers.

Five Myths about the Uninsured in America

Policy analysts and health care advocates often lament the plight of those Americans who lack health insurance. Yet most overlook the reasons why people do not have health insurance. If income were the only determinant, a simple income-based subsidy might alleviate the problem. Further, if all people valued health insurance equally, those families who qualify for public programs like Medicaid would enroll if they could not afford insurance. However, the matter is far more complex, as can be seen by examining five myths about health insurance in the United States.

Health In the Lone Star State

A left-leaning federal judge in Texas ruled recently that the Medicaid system in the state was not to his liking, and ordered changes. This isn't too surprising, as activist judges in Texas have a history of attempting to take over everything from prisons to schools.