Digital Health Funding Defies Expectations

Forbes: In a commentary at Forbes, NCPA Senior Fellow John Graham discusses the ongoing attempts to transform American health care from a top-heavy, bureaucratic system dominated by government into a patient-centric, highly responsive, and energetic enterprise.

Medi-Cal system encourages abuse

OC Register: In a commentary from the Orange County Register, NCPA Senior Fellow John Graham suggests that the way Medicaid funds are disbursed creates perverse political incentives to tax hikes and says the only way to fix it is fundamentally reforming Medicaid’s financing.

Donald Trump On Drugs

Forbes: NCPA Senior Fellow John Graham says the best way to lower prescription drugs prices is not to fight against the companies that research, develop, and manufacture them, as Trump is suggesting, but instead to reduce the regulatory burden of the Food and Drug Administration, in this commentary in Forbes.

Ten Percent Of Cancer Drug Spending Is Wasted

Eurasia Review: Senior Fellow John Graham explains the findings of a study that shows a ten percent waste in chemotherapeutic drug doses, what this means for cancer patients, and why FDA regulation is not the answer in this Eurasia Review commentary.

Silo-Busting Telemedicine Is Too Being Siloed

Forbes: In this Forbes commentary, NCPA Senior Fellow John Graham says the reason telemedicine is finding difficulty “busting out of the silo” is because of our over-reliance on third party payers and suggests the market would grow more effectively if patients controlled more health spending directly.

GOP Congress' Budget Hits Reality Hard

Real Clear Policy: Can Congress follow its tax cuts with spending cuts? We’ll have to wait until the next president takes office, says NCPA Senior Fellow John R. Graham in this Real Clear Policy commentary.

Jeb Bush's Plan to Reform Medicare

RealClearPolicy: “Jeb Bush’s Medicare-reform plan embraces changes that will protect and improve the program for current and future beneficiaries,” says NCPA Senior Fellow John R. Graham in a RealClearPolicy commentary. “His plan is to create tax allocation transparency and remove government-set premium bench marks.

Hillary on drugs: Bad prescription

Washington Examiner: “Clinton’s solution to reducing high drug prices is to ban direct-to-consumer advertising, take away advertising tax deductions, and force drug companies to inefficiently manage funds,” says NCPA Senior Fellow John R. Graham in a Washington Examiner commentary. “She ignores the needless FDA red tape and the necessity to streamline the drug review and approval.”

Medi-Cal is a trap, not a safety net

The Orange County Register: NCPA Senior Fellow John Graham discusses the budget deficit and the high marginal income tax imposed by Medi-Cal, and builds a case for replacing them with a fixed dollar federal tax, in a commentary in The Orange County Register.