Social Security: Will the Trust be Broken?

Two former chief economists at the Department of Labor (DOL) in the Clinton and Bush administrations will address a Capitol Hill briefing tomorrow on the critical importance of inmate work programs and HR 1829, which is currently headed for a floor vote.

Rich Got Richer, Study Says, But So Did Those At Bottom

Recently, I discussed new Internal Revenue Service data showing that the share of total income going to the richest 400 individuals has increased. However, income is an imprecise measure of well-being. That is better measured by wealth. A new study by the Federal Reserve sheds important light on the distribution of wealth in the United States.

Drug Re-Importation Not Needed

As Congress this week debates whether to allow re-importation of drugs from other countries, a report released today by the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) shows that seniors can save as much if not more on prescription drug costs just by becoming smarter shoppers.

Lower Drug Costs for Seniors

Families USA publishes an annual report analyzing prices of the 50 top selling drugs used by seniors. The latest survey claims that these drugs' prices rose about 30 percent over the past five years – or 2.5 times the rise in the consumer price index.

Economic Mobility

The rising demand for more educated, experienced and technologically able workers has produced a more dispersed distribution of income. The increasing income gap between the highest and lowest paid workers is a concern if some groups of workers are fated to remain at the bottom of the economic ladder throughout their working lives.

Drugs from Canada: A price too high?

We've all had the experience. You're riding in an airplane and discover that the person in the next seat paid $200 for his ticket, while you paid $800 for yours. Or maybe it was the other way around. Maybe you had the cheap fare and your seatmate paid top dollar.

Out of Balance

The Bush administration announced last week that the budget deficit would be $455 billion this year, and even more in the next fiscal year. Budget Director Joshua Bolten argues that "a balanced budget is not a higher priority than winning the global war on terror, protecting the American homeland, or restoring economic growth and job creation."

NCPA To Families USA: Why Pay Top Dollar?

Contrary to a report on prescription drug prices released today by Families USA, seniors and other patients can lower the cost of prescription drugs by as much as 90 percent just by using shopping techniques that are commonplace in any market other than health care.