Living-Wage Movement Impedes Progress

Can politics get any more absurd? It's not just the depths of the president's trial in the U.S. Senate or his state of the union speech buying off voting groups by throwing around more taxpayers' money. Now we have the "living-wage" movement. You may not have heard of it but, amazingly, the living wage has become a big deal in many big cities across the country. Its victims include taxpayers, small businesses and inexperienced and low-income workers.

NCPA’s Burnett to Address Gun Suits At Atlanta’s Shot Show

H. Sterling Burnett, a senior policy analyst with the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis, will take part in a panel discussion and a press conference about the recent outbreak of law suits filed against the firearm industry this weekend at the national "S.H.O.T. Show" held Atlanta.

"Should We Abolish the Capital Gains Tax?"

DebatesDebates, the hour-long public affairs program airing on Dallas Community Television (DCTV) sponsored by the National Center for Policy Analysis, will focus this week on the title topic "Should We Abolish the Capital Gains Tax?"

Gun Lawsuits Make Us All Less Safe

Not every city or state has seen the drop in crime that has accompanied the liberalization of concealed carry laws. States like Illinois forbid the concealed carrying of firearms; they have double the murder rate and a 20 percent higher rape rate than states with liberal concealed carry laws.

Punishment Up, Crime Down

Tough new sentencing laws have succeeded in making criminals stay longer in prison, giving them more leisure time to contemplate the errors of their ways.

Let States Manage the National Forests

The United States Forest Service is a lightning rod for both fiscal conservatives and liberal environmentalists. Fiscal conservatives decry its money-losing programs. Environmentalists claim that its programs cause environmental harm. Both groups are correct, but years pass with no changes made to the failed policies.

The Short Term Problem Facing Long Term Care

President Clinton's recent proposal to spend up to $6.2 billion to provide a $1,000 annual tax break for individuals or their families who need long-term medical care sounds like a helpful way to defray the costs of chronic and nursing home care.

Saving Medicare

Although public attention is focused on how to solve the problem of Social Security, the future financial problems of Medicare are twice as great.