Blaine Is Slain

Joshua Davey finished in the top 10% of his high school graduating class, and his family's income was less than 135% of Washington state's median family income, so he met the eligibility requirements for a state Promise Scholarship to help him attend college. But when Joshua declared his major to be in pastoral ministries, the state withdrew his scholarship.

Stock Market Still the Place for Retirement Savings

The Dow is down to its lowest levels in four years. The tech-heavy Nasdaq has hit 5-year lows. Business scandals make headlines across the country, and families tighten their belts in the face of declining stock portfolios. Given all this, is it time to pack it in, give up on the market and park your retirement money under a mattress? Hardly.

Political Malpractice

One bite of his dessert, and Winston Churchill pronounced it unsatisfactory: "Take away that pudding–it has no theme." There weren?t enough aye votes yesterday to pass any bill, which is a good thing considering what the senators might have agreed to. But don?t take that as lack of a theme, for underlying the debate is the Hillary Clinton idea of national health care that would turn the prescription drug pudding sour if it were adopted.

Prescription Drugs for Seniors

Medicare currently pays only five percent of the cost of prescription drugs used by Medicare beneficiaries. Proposals to add a comprehensive prescription drug benefit to the program could shift as much as two-thirds of senior drug costs to Medicare.

Federal Prison Industries Need "Work"

Former Reagan Administration Attorney General, Edwin Meese, will join forces with the ACLU and headline a Congressional briefing on the need to reform federal prison industries and amend current legislation.

Economic Dramamine

The windows rattled in America on Monday, not because the axis of evil attacked but because of the stock market's 400-point bungee jump. Suddenly the predominant challenge to the Bush administration is economic, initially illuminated by corporate dishonesty, accountant manipulation, fraud and financial collapse at a gaggle of hotshot companies: Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia Communications, Global Crossing. As the current issue of The Economist points out, each of these companies has lost between of 94% and 99.9% of its value in the past six months. Each is now trading at pennies per share.

The Rakoff Rule

Maybe it was the heat, or the giddy prospect of a long weekend, or that the U.S. Supreme Court had finishing its scholarly work for the year and might not be paying attention. But all of a sudden it was fun-and-games time in the federal courts.

A Choice Decision

America has more than 80 voucher programs, from day-care assistance and food stamps to the GI Bill for veterans and Pell grants for low-income college students. Almost everyone enthusiastically supports all but a handful of them. Last week the U.S. Supreme Court considered and upheld one of the few controversial ones–school vouchers.