Health Care Spending Growth Was Down Before ObamaCare

Investor’s Business Daily: The growth of Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Accounts, and the trend toward higher deductibles are the case of the slowed spending on health care, not ObamaCare, say NCPA President John Goodman and Senior Fellow Peter Ferrara in an Investor’s Business Daily commentary.

Zeke Speaks Out on McCain and Health Reform

Psychology Today: Limiting the tax exclusion was the most powerful level the president had to control the costs of private insurance and President Obama showed leadership in endorsing the new policy, says NCPA President John Goodman in a Psychology Today commentary.

Replace ObamaCare, Stat

National Review Online: NCPA President John C Goodman’s free market alternative to ObamaCare is featured in the latest issue of National Review. Goodman’s proposed reforms include a universal tax credit for health insurance, a safety contribution for every unclaimed credit, more flexible Health Savings Accounts, and a new type of insurance to better protect those with pre-existing conditions.

Economic Growth Is The Greatest Anti-Poverty Program

Investor’s Business Daily: Economic growth is the greatest cure for poverty, but growth like that seen in the past few generations is rare, says NCPA President John Goodman in an Investor’s Business Daily op-ed. According to Goodman, the best way to assure that growth continues is to decrease both taxes and economic regulations.

Krugman Plays a Mulligan

Psychology Today: Economist Paul Krugman is attempting to pull a “mulligan” with his latest post endorsing a CBO report estimating that ObamaCare will reduce the labor supply, says NCPA President John Goodman in a piece for Psychology Today.

How the Left and the Right Talk about Inequality

Psychology Today: Inequality doesn’t just happen – it happens for a reason, says NCPA President John Goodman in a piece at Psychology Today op-ed. Goodman examines the sources of inequality and identifies several key behaviors that make it nearly impossible to remain poor.