Repeal the Federal Job Tax

Employment has declined in most states, but the federal government continues to tax it. Employers in the 50 states will send an estimated $7.2 billion to Washington, D.C., in federal unemployment insurance taxes this year.

Kill the Snake

There's a lot we don't know about Saddam Hussein's Iraq. But there's a lot we do know, too. Since promising to dispose of all his weapons of mass destruction in 1991, Saddam has ignored 16 United Nations Security Council resolutions. The dictator's defiance goes well beyond international resolutions. The Butcher of Baghdad has done nearly everything in his power to lead his nation to a violent confrontation with the West.

So Far, So Good

One year ago today, America suffered its worst day since Dec. 7, 1941. Reeling from an attack by an unknown and unseen enemy, we were suddenly feeling at risk in ways we didn't expect or understand. With airliners smacking into towers and bodies falling a hundred stories to the ground, everything seemed to have fallen apart. But one thing was clear: America was at war. Pessimists quickly assumed that this was it for America. The prosperity, independence and dominance it had known in the world since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 were over. And, now, everything would be worse.

Shareholders Can Fix American Businesses

President Calvin Coolidge said that the business of America is business. If that's true, America is in bad shape. American business values have dropped considerably in the past year. Industries with fertile balance sheets and flush income statements today clamber for market share, while residual industries, suppliers and vendors simply try to survive.

State of Despair

Statism has proved itself a failure for more than three-quarters of a century in every sort of nation around the world. Soviet and Chinese statist policies failed. Statist policies failed in India, Tanzania and Chile. And now they are failing in Zimbabwe, Kenya and most of Africa. One would think that repeated failures would have discredited the idea of state power at the expense of individual liberty.