How Corporations Are Taxed

Executive Summary There appears to be agreement in principle that U.S. corporate tax rates are too high. The top U.S. corporate income tax rate is 35 percent — the highest in …

Critics: CCNC Audit Accurate But Not Very Useful

Carolina Journal Online: NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick identifies research design flaws and faulty methodology in North Carolina’s state audit of Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC), noting that it is not a useful guide for future policymaking, in a Carolina Journal Online post. 

Another Health Insurance COOP Bites the Dust

Townhall: “With 21 of 23 COOPS facing losses and lacking business plans, healthcare COOPs are fraught with self-serving capitalists looting taxpayer money,” says NCPA Senior Fellow Devon Herrick in a commentary.

Fracking Is Our Clean Power Plan

Forbes: Fracking creates more jobs, stimulates more economic growth, and reduces carbon emissions more effectively than Obama’s “Clean Power Plan,” writes NCPA COO Jacki Pick in a Forbes commentary. 

Do Mortgage Deductions Help Homebuyers?

NCPA: Mortgage-related deductions do little to reduce the cost of home ownership for those in the lowest income quintiles, according to a new report by National Center for Policy Analysis Senior Fellow Pamela Villarreal and Research Associates Matt Cafrelli and Joshua Latshaw.

Glenn Beck

  Glenn BeckWhat the American Dream Means   WHEN:     Friday, October 2, 2015 WHERE:   Dallas Marriott Las Colinas                   223 West …

NCPA Constitution Day Fun Run

  NCPA Constitution Day Fun Run WHEN:    Sunday, September 13, 2015               7:30 a.m. WHERE:  University of Texas at Arlington          …

Unfreezing Assets Will Sanction-Proof Iran

The Daily Caller: The penalties for violations built into the nuclear deal hinge on two faulty assumptions: sanctions can be reapplied and other countries have a vested interest in Iran’s compliance. Iran has mastered the art of masking oil revenue, routing embargoed goods through well-advertised smuggling routes in places like Dubai, and channeling finances through covert investment partnerships with Russia. The Iranian government is sanction-proofing its economy. They will invest, convert, and shelter the new revenue (and future revenue) to guard against future U.S. action. The most important enforcement tool available fails without a target.

Fed Policies Are Setting the Stage for Another Bust: NCPA

NCPA: By the time the Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and the other members of the Board of Governors become concerned about their easy money policies, they will have set the stage for another “bust,” like the 2008 financial crisis, warns Richard Ebeling, BB&T Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Free Enterprise Leadership at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, in a new study from National Center for Policy Analysis.